I’ve tried to keep the setup and configuration as simple as possible. However, if you run into any issues feel free to ping me message on twitter (@jherrieven) and I’ll be happy to help.
Please bear in mind this is a work in progress and as such may not currently cater for the more complex JW Player configurations.


At the top of your page make sure the HTML5 doctype is declared:

<!DOCTYPE html>

HTML5 video will not work smoothly in some browsers (IE9 for example) if this declaration is missing.

Include the libraries in the <HEAD>

Include a link to the JW Player and JW HTML Config libraries in the head section of your page:

<!-- JW Player Library -->
<script src="[/path/to/jwplayer]/jwplayer.js"></script>
<!-- JW HTML Config Library -->
<script src="[/path/to/jw-html-config]/jwplayer-html-config.min.js"></script>

Whilst it is recommended to have the JW Player library load in the head section of your page, this may not always be possible – this can therefore be loaded within the body tag.

If including the JW HTML Config library in the body tag also, this should appear after the JW Player library at the bottom of the body tag.

That’s it! You are now ready to use HTML to configure JW Player to ensure consistent playback of your videos.