Embedding a video source from YouTube is as simple as adding the YouTube URL to the source tag and specifying the type to be video/youtube:

<div class="jw-settings" id="my_simple_settings">
     <video id="my_simple_video" controls data-engine="youtube" poster="/posters/big-buck-bunny-preview.jpg" preload="none" >
          <source src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShbC5yVqOdI" type="video/youtube" />
     <div class="jw-modes">
          <div class="jw-mode" data-type="html5"></div>
          <div class="jw-mode" data-type="flash"></div>

NOTE: In JW6 the playback of a single YouTube videos will force the mode to fall-back to “flash” – even if you set the primary mode to be “html5”. This means YouTube videos will not play on iOS devices (or browsers without Flash installed). Using JW HTML Config allows you overcome this on iOS devices by adding the following attribute to the video tag:


Adding this parameter overrides the new JW6 behaviour and instead uses the JW5 method for embedding YouTube videos. This results in the following YouTube video being wrapped in the JW Player which should now also be playable on iOS devices.